Tuesday, March 6, 2012

19 dresses for WCA


I just donated 19 little dresses sizes 3-8 to the Women's children's alliance. The pictures are of only 14 of them because there are duplicates of some. It took a few weeks with interuptions to get them done but I had them almost done in 2 weeks then took another to finish up. My hope is that the little girls and their moms will be delighted with these new little dresses. They are all poly/cotton and easy to fit and no buttons or zippers so they are durable. Most of the fabric was donated by ladies from my LDS ward. They were so generous when I mentioned it.I buy the elastiac and thread and interfacing plus some matching fabric. I have already made up most of my own fabric and with some of their fabric. The first batch of 19 (I don't know why I ended up with 19 both times ) went to Ethiopia. I also sent 6 dresses and shirts and underwear that was given to my by others.

There is a huge need out there for help in so many ways. This is just a small thing that I can do. It feels good. My greatest goal is to lift a burden and let them know that someone cares.
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