Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Home

This generous couple  have served long and well and will be gr
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eatly missed. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elder Bishop is leaving

Some people reach a level of excellence through obedience to the gospel and Mission rules while still keeping th spirit of the law as well.  Elder Bishop is just that kind of great Elder.  He will be greatly  missed.

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Beautiful Egrets in January

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Southern Hospitality at it's best. Wonderful conversation in a gorgeous atmosphere with the most scrumptious food ever. Wonderful hosts and cheerful, grateful guests. Thank you, Zanhisers for the lovely farewell dinner for three fabulous missionaries. Sister Dustin and Elder and Sister Earnhart will be leaving us soon but we just can't let them leave without some more parties in their honor. They deserve the best!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Bell Riger/ Old Friend

The Candy Man Can ! Candy Man Cohan. (Hey, that rhymes too.)  This national sales candy man has been out of his profession for 15 long months.  He finally found a candy sales job as a salesman for a company in Utah!  He will be over sales in 6 southern states.  He is thrilled.  So are we.  He says it is a miracle.  Sales jobs are hard to find but after prayerfully searching and talking to everyone he could about job leads he was referred to this company by an acquaintance.  He is so grateful and kind to come back and ring the bell and even brought gifts to Sister Dustin who has been a fabulous mentor for him. That is how it works.  He who persists, gets the job and rings the big, loud resounding bell to joyously celebrate with us and we give them a token "Pay Day"... Candy Bar! Everyone in the office at the time comes to our "Hall of Fame" where the happy but loud little party takes place. They who teach, train, support and encourage get a lot of joy from the success too. It made our day and then some. His picture will go on the wall in the "Hall of Fame" with the others you see in the picture. We will never forget the classy sincere salesman Steve. 
We visited the battlefield of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. It ended the war of 1812. they do a reenactment of it on January 8th, the anniversary of it but we were unable to go that day. That anniversary day history comes to life. Over 100 living history experts dressed as 1815 troops and civilians set up camp at the site of the Battle of new Orleans. Cannons roar, campfires crackle, and American history changes forever on a Louisiana sugarcane field. We did see movies of the reenactment there in the visitors center. It is part of the National Park service. .

It was very interesting to visit there. There are over 15000 graves here of military and families. Four from the war of 1812 and a lot from the civil war and up to WW I. Very interesting and informative. There were such huge sacrifices here.

It is 30 miles from our apartments.
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New Orleans is only 30 miles from us in Slidell. four of our missionaries had never been there so we did the buggy ride around the town and shopped at the French Market and saw the River Walk. It was a great release on a holiday that we had off from our regular office and welfare work.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

These wonderful five people took our Career Workshop i n December

These five wonderful and interesting people took our Career workshop in December. There is a lot of variety here. That is what we find in every group and it is amazing how well they all work together. They are always a team cheering each other on. the workshop is a blast yet very valuable to those who take it.Among other things, the workshop prepares them to evaluate themselves, find a job, interview and write a resume. It is very motivational
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pay Day

A person like Elizabeth who has gone through countless trials, when sometimes things just seem insurmountable, can still smile in the face of adversity and keep a courageous smile even when she suffers but can  speak out when she needs to,  who trusts the Lord so much and trusts us too, for a better future. Who's road is so long and tough, yet she can turn her back on the past and overcome what has been for what can become, is a champion in the making.  She deserves a break, a happy day like today .  After fighting health and other problems for a very long time, she is now able to work and was blessed with a job quickly.  We are so very grateful for this blessing to brighten a difficult path to the better life.  She is firmly planted on that path.  She will make it. She is an example of courage, faith, dependability, fortitude and strength.  We are learning so much from her cheerfulness, grace, humility and gratitude. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

 Above is a picture of all the Senior Missionaries in Slidell.  Four are in the Bishop's storehouse and drypack cannery as the Wilsons have just arrived and the Earnharts are training them.  Five of us are in the employment center.  One tenth of all the missionaries in the Jackson Mississippi Mission are in Slidell and we are the reason. We also have five young proselyting missionaries.  What a blessing!
This picture is of the five employment missionaries with our Managers. We found that with all of the pictures I have taken that we have not had one of just us except at Birthday celebrations at a table.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Piano Keyboarding Class

Through a generous donation of the Harmon foundation, we are able to recieve keyboards and books at no cost to us as missionaries.  They keyboards are now property of the Slidell ward and Sister Goodin, Dustin and I are teaching it.  It also includes some music directing.  Today was our first class. We had 10 people come for it and we only have 8 keyboards at present but it worked out fine.  It is a great experience and they are all committed to learn and very happy and grateful to the foundation who made it all possible.  Our goal is to have them playing simplified hymns by the end of May.  Time will tell but all but one of them has had some previous musical experience.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve Baptism

Elder Bishop baptized Bertina and Roberto Lord in a wonderful, spirit-filled meeting. They are both from Panama and brother Lord is blind and hard of hearing and in poor health.  He is 85 and she is 79 years old. Now he knows that death is not the end.  They were confirmed by Elder Bishop in sacrament meeting on Jan. 2, 2011.  It is wonderful to see the gospel touch the lives of these two fine people.

Great New Year Party

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Thank You to the Zanhisers.  What wonderful hosts they are.