Saturday, January 8, 2011

Piano Keyboarding Class

Through a generous donation of the Harmon foundation, we are able to recieve keyboards and books at no cost to us as missionaries.  They keyboards are now property of the Slidell ward and Sister Goodin, Dustin and I are teaching it.  It also includes some music directing.  Today was our first class. We had 10 people come for it and we only have 8 keyboards at present but it worked out fine.  It is a great experience and they are all committed to learn and very happy and grateful to the foundation who made it all possible.  Our goal is to have them playing simplified hymns by the end of May.  Time will tell but all but one of them has had some previous musical experience.

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  1. Hi! You don't know me, but my husband and I were in the MTC with Sisters Goodin and Dustin. I just happened upon your blog and hope you will tell them we said hello. We're from the Hattiesburg Mississippi stake, serving in the office of the California Oakland/San Francisco Mission. We're enjoying our mission but miss the South! Tell Brother and Sister Dohm we said hello, too.