Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pay Day

A person like Elizabeth who has gone through countless trials, when sometimes things just seem insurmountable, can still smile in the face of adversity and keep a courageous smile even when she suffers but can  speak out when she needs to,  who trusts the Lord so much and trusts us too, for a better future. Who's road is so long and tough, yet she can turn her back on the past and overcome what has been for what can become, is a champion in the making.  She deserves a break, a happy day like today .  After fighting health and other problems for a very long time, she is now able to work and was blessed with a job quickly.  We are so very grateful for this blessing to brighten a difficult path to the better life.  She is firmly planted on that path.  She will make it. She is an example of courage, faith, dependability, fortitude and strength.  We are learning so much from her cheerfulness, grace, humility and gratitude. 

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