Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Bell Riger/ Old Friend

The Candy Man Can ! Candy Man Cohan. (Hey, that rhymes too.)  This national sales candy man has been out of his profession for 15 long months.  He finally found a candy sales job as a salesman for a company in Utah!  He will be over sales in 6 southern states.  He is thrilled.  So are we.  He says it is a miracle.  Sales jobs are hard to find but after prayerfully searching and talking to everyone he could about job leads he was referred to this company by an acquaintance.  He is so grateful and kind to come back and ring the bell and even brought gifts to Sister Dustin who has been a fabulous mentor for him. That is how it works.  He who persists, gets the job and rings the big, loud resounding bell to joyously celebrate with us and we give them a token "Pay Day"... Candy Bar! Everyone in the office at the time comes to our "Hall of Fame" where the happy but loud little party takes place. They who teach, train, support and encourage get a lot of joy from the success too. It made our day and then some. His picture will go on the wall in the "Hall of Fame" with the others you see in the picture. We will never forget the classy sincere salesman Steve. 

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