Friday, March 13, 2009


God's Protective Care

This is our 2009 Camry. We were driving to boise on March 6th. We had just gone over the summit between Pendleton and LeGrande when we looked up and realized that there were three trucks stopped in front of us. The road was ice with water on top. they had tried to scrap it but just took off the gravel. Jerry slammed on the brakes to no avail. WE just kept going. Just before we were to crash into the back of the truck and as I said "Heavely Father" the next thing I knew we were going between the left truck and the concrete median. There actually was not room for us but Jerry took the o nly daylight he could see and drove as close to the concrete as possible actually up on the curved edge of it as my side was being chinked off the the truck with it's two trailers. the lights, hubcap and doors were trashed but we were not even jarred. We didn't even loose our drink from their cups.!!! Jerry got cell service and called the police, they came and didn't give him a citation because of the road conditions. the woman with two kids up front had gone into a spin so the trucks stopped. they must have had more space than us to come to a stop. We clipped her mirror off and got her front bumper as it was sticking out. No one was hurt. She had no drivers license or insurance. She got tickets.

I just felt like God was opening a corridor for us to get through. After the police were done, Jerry pulled off the lights and put them in the trunk and pulled the fender off of the tire and we drove 200 miles to Meridian. we got to the repair shop just before they closed. Estimate to get it fixed is $8,400. and three weeks. Thank goodness for insurance. It will pay for the woman's car too. Even though we really did not cause the accident we are responsible because we hit them. Our insurance will fix her car too.I don't think the truck got more than a few scratches.
You can see that Jerry's side didn't hardly get a dent. That is because of the curved concrete. Whew!

It sure makes me feel the love and care God has for us and that He is not ready for us to go home yet! We have more to do. We are so grateful. I can't count how many thankyou prayers I have said over this.