Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Space Center

the Stennis Space Center is close to here and we stopped at a rest stop connected with it. The picture of the Lunar Lander is interesting. We stopped at this rest stop. Yes this beautiful building is a rest stop! the beautiful sign is out in front. It is a beautiful place.

the Gulf Coast

Yesterday, we took a drive to the gulf coast to show the sister missionaries some of the damage. It doesn't begin to show what it was like with all the destruction scattered everywhere but it is still pretty telling.

Sisters Dustin and Goodin are delightful and they had a good time too. the giraffe and elephant are in Slidell. Pretty cute. the top picture is of a foundation which lost it's house in Katrina. The propped up palm trees are among the few which survived the storm.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mission President

At 5:00 PM, President and Sister Tucker got here from a conference in Gulfport. they took us and Sisters Dustin and Goodin to Dinner at the Texas Roadhouse which is new here in Slidell. We had a great visit with them. They are from Twin Falls Idaho. Great people. They have invited us to come to the mission home with all the Sr. Missionaries for a special conference with them on April 1 and 2. It will be a great time to get acquainted with everyone there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Sr. Sisters

Sisters Goodin and Dustin arrived yesterday. Today our center was closed for Mardi Gras so we were able to spend it getting them beds and taking them shopping and fixing lunch for them and the Young Elders (2 of them).

Last night they came to our Family Home Evening and we and the Earnharts both presented them with beads form the Selene Parade. We had a great visit with them then and today. We are all pretty tired tonight but looking forward to working with these two wonderful wommen.

Sister Goodin on the left is the mother of 11 children (3 adopted) and after she got them raised went to college and became a Jr. High math teacher in New Mexico.She is quiet but not shy. She is a widow.
Sister Dustin grew up in California but lives in American Fork. She has 4 children and her home is very close to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. You see it out her back window. She is outgoing and exuberant.

Elder and Sister Earnhart are from Herriman Utah and have lived in many states including Idaho. He worked as a DI manager, school teacher and military. (backwards in order) He speaks a lot of languages ( I think 8 but he won't say, maybe more.)Amazing people too. Lots of fun, very friendly. They are in charge of the Bishop's Storehouse and the cannery.


I just had to show you the beautiful bouquet that I got for Valentine's Day. It just gets more gorgeous every day. thanks to my sweetheart for these. I took lots of pictures so I can use them on cards. MMMM. I love the color.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baptism Day

What a great Valentines Day. Jerry got to baptize Ronald Wesley Spencer at the Picayune Mississippi Ward. They are so much alike that it is amazing. They really feel a bond. One of those blessings. They met on the second day that we were here.His wife Sharon is a great person of faith.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Us in New Orleans


51 short years ago today, my sweetheart put a diamond ring on my finger. It was such an exciting time. We never dreamed we would have such a wonderful familiy and so many grandchildren all so precious to us. I do not know how to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my blessings and for giving me such a wonderful husband and father to my children and grandfather to my grandchildren. what more could a person want. the longer we are together the better it gets. To be missionaries together is wonderful.

At our stake conference, Elder Kikuchi told the brothers to treasure their wives because they are daughters of Heavenly Father. He taught them about opening the car door and showing love and respect. My sweetheart took that to heart and has faithfully opened the door for me and gone the second mile to extend his big strong gentle hand to help me out. He treats me like a queen.

this morning, he said he had to go get something out of the car. He was gone a little longer than that would take but when he returned he had this beautiful bouquet of pink tulips for me. He is my soul mate,my protector , my everything.

Oh dear, this gets mushy doesn't it. Sorry. He is also lots of fun and keeps the spirits in the office lighter and brings some needed laughter to it. He has figured out how to tease Sister Werb and cheer her up a lot. She is only about 4'9" tall and he even teases her about that. LIfe is good. we are looking forward to lots of happy years together still in this life.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spencer's horses

Sharon spencer with her horse "Promise". Promise is lame and she is nursing her back to health. She and Ron are great with animals.

Here are the Spencers. You can just see that Ron and Jerry look like they could be brothers. We drove to their house last Saturday night and took them to dinner at the famous "Jack's Fish House" where they serve the catfish you see pictured in older posts. they live about an hour's drive from here out in the country on winding roads. It was fun to see some rural country. theyr place is back down a private lane and you cannot see it from the road. I just had to put a picture of one of their roosters. I should also post one of the horses. We took them another half hour to Jack's and had a great visit and gospel discussion.