Sunday, October 31, 2010

The oldest tree I have ever seen

This is called the Friendsip Oak.  It is 500 years old.  It was a sapling at the time Columbus discovered America.  Old Oaks lay some of their huge branches on the ground.  They are beautiful and impressive.  We loved exploring it.  It is on the SMU Campus at Long Beach Mississippi.

We visited the tree as a part of our Senior Missionary conference.  It was a wonderful conference with our great President and Sister Tucker.

Halloween Party Louisiana Style

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Halloween Parties are so much fun for the children and adults.  I think here in the New Orleans area they have so much fun at it twice a year.  Once at Mardi Gras and even more at Halloween.  these people are a blast. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Career Workshops

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If you want a lift, take a career workshop.  It will not only teach you how to get a job but what you have to offer and how to present yourself.  It is a self esteem builder and is offered at you nearest LDS Employment Center and there is no charge. It is the best deal around.  You could pay over a thousand dollars for such a course in other places.  You will love it.  If you do not need a job, you can learn how to help others who do need a job or help them to pick a career path before going on to further school or training.  You can even bring then to the class.

Rain or Shine

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United Way

These folks from United Way came to see us.  they wanted a tour of the Bishops's Storehouse and the Employment Center.  Those dressed in blue are on an internship and learning all they can.  They were very impressed with all the services that have been given to the community and to our members here in Slidell.  330,000 hours of service was coordinated out of this building during the "Katrina" clean up. (after the hurrican Katrina)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a a special baptism for Maria

Maria was just wonderful.  Everyone loves her.  She doesn't speak much English but she conveys her love very well.  It was a joy to be there for this great occasion.

What do these women have in common?

Besides our belief and that we all three serve in the Employment office and Bishop's storehouse, all three of us are name BARBARA! and we all are in the Slidell Ward.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We have been very busy in our Employment office and have had the privilege of taking a special Self Employment course from a volunteer group called SCORE. It is a marvelous course and we are becoming better qualified to teach our self employment class to others which we teach in two parts each month. We also teach a Career Workshop, or part of it, once or twice a month as well. We love doing that.  It is an amazing course and blesses lives.  
We just met some of our leaders from Hattiesburg tonight and that was such a treat to get to meet some of these wonderful leaders we work with through the phone and e-mail most of the time.

This week we had  a special treat to get to see our son Don who was going through on his way to a convention. We got to take him for a ride on Satuday and to church on sunday before he left. Then, a surprise visit from our Son in law, Tom, who was driving through today in his new job as a truck driver!  We got to take him to lunch. We are really grateful for these special moments.  It is a blessing that Senior Missionaries are allowed to have.  It doesn't make us loose our focus, it just pumps us up. It happens very seldom and we consider them a special blessing.
Jerry on left and Tom on right of his trainer. Below, Us at Ruby Tuesday's

Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby alligator

We took a ride to the little alligator pond to see if we could see some.  We only saw this little baby one and didn't see the tail until I downloaded the pictures.  He was longer than we thought.  He didn't want to eat the marshmallows but was curious about them.  the fish loved them and nibbled at them all the time.  we get to see one of our sons tomorrow but we don't think the pond will be worth the time.  There are so many other things to see and so little time.