Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We have been very busy in our Employment office and have had the privilege of taking a special Self Employment course from a volunteer group called SCORE. It is a marvelous course and we are becoming better qualified to teach our self employment class to others which we teach in two parts each month. We also teach a Career Workshop, or part of it, once or twice a month as well. We love doing that.  It is an amazing course and blesses lives.  
We just met some of our leaders from Hattiesburg tonight and that was such a treat to get to meet some of these wonderful leaders we work with through the phone and e-mail most of the time.

This week we had  a special treat to get to see our son Don who was going through on his way to a convention. We got to take him for a ride on Satuday and to church on sunday before he left. Then, a surprise visit from our Son in law, Tom, who was driving through today in his new job as a truck driver!  We got to take him to lunch. We are really grateful for these special moments.  It is a blessing that Senior Missionaries are allowed to have.  It doesn't make us loose our focus, it just pumps us up. It happens very seldom and we consider them a special blessing.
Jerry on left and Tom on right of his trainer. Below, Us at Ruby Tuesday's

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  1. How fun that you've had some great visitors! Wish it was us. :( We miss you SO much!!