Monday, August 2, 2010

Half Party/Burn a Skirt!

We have a funny tradition to burn a skirt, for the sister missionaries ,when they get half way through their mission.  Elders burn a tie.  Sister Dustin is at her half way mark and the Earnharts are 2/3 rds through so the two sisters  decided to burn skirts.  they are all  wonderfully delightful people. We found a safe place and had a fire extinquisher handy.  I served 1/2 snack bars and 1/2 bananas and the Earnharts brought a huge very delicious sweet watermelon.  This is great watermelon country.  I had a blast taking pictures. 
I think this picture at the bottom looks like a person.  You can see her two feet and legs.  Pretty funny. this is just such a fun and lighthearted group at times and serious when they need to be.  Always warm and friendly.  They make may day every day.


  1. That is just priceless!! I love it!

  2. Love watching my sister playing with fire!!!!

  3. How fun! Here in the Hungary Elders used to burn a suit on their last day. That lasted until one of them did it in a bath tub. The bath tub didn't take the heat too well!! And I am quite sure they didn't have a fire extinguiser handy!! Love to see your blog!