Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Mushrooms grow here in Louisiana at the drop of a hat!  Maybe I should say rain drop!  It must only take about 3 days to get a good crop.  These were right on the lawn of the building across the street.  The largest one is almost as big as a dinner plate.  I do not know if they are edible.  I wouldn't try it.  I don't like mushrooms anyway.  I do like to look at them.  I think they are fabulous. 

Today I sent out about 300 e-mails to our stake and ward leaders in our region.  That is one of responsibilities to compose the e-mail and send it.  It is a huge task to get the addresses right and keep them up to date.  Thanks to the other missionaries who help with that I was able to get them all out today without one hiccup.

These e-mails are full of tips and encouragement to help leaders with the new ldsjobs website and to give them other ideas to help the people who are unemployed or under employed.  I send three or four a month.

Four of us missionaries are writing a lesson on self-reliance.  We are anxious to see how far it goes and it actually is used for teaching in the church.  It is short like a "Preach My Gospel Lesson" and in that format.  I will share it when it is ready to go. 

It has rained like crazy today.  Off and on and very heavy.  Flash flood warnings.  The people on the bayous may get water under their houses but most of them are on stilts.

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