Friday, September 3, 2010

We are so excited to have someone ring the bell.  Sometimes we go weeks without that joy but this week there have been six ring it.  Today three of them and another called to say he got a part time job. that would make SEVEN jobs this week.  I do not really think the economy is different but most of these people have been looking 5 to 6 months for their job.  Julian in the center(from Jamaica-20 years ago)  is in his work clothes and so happy to be doing something.  He is really a dental technician but he is happy to do construction and now maybe he will be able to do some dental work on the side.  Bottom Left, Malik a citizen of the United States is from Afghanistan and a student now is working full time and studying engineering part time. 

The more friends you call, the quicker you will find a job.  If  you don't work hard and contact everyone you can then you are likely to sit unemployed for many many months if you only casually looking.  You need live people to recommend you.

A couple came in this week desperate for help and employment.  He had been out of work for TWO days.  How well are you prepared if you loose your job tomorrow?  Another fellow lost his job but has 4 months paychecks in the bank!  What a contrast. Have you stored some food and money for the unexpected unemployment?  One father is sick and his wife must find employment.  She has a degree but jobs are hard to find still.  If you have a job, work very hard and do not quit.  It is good to work.

Kemmons Wilson (founder of Holiday Inns) says "I believe in just working half days, you can either work the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours, it makes no difference. "

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