Friday, March 25, 2011

Flower Mystery

Tuesday this week I received 25 roses. the card said "Happy Birthday from some people far away"  It was four days early and I couldn't guess who they were from.  Probably one of our children.  Wednesday, I received 25 tulips. the card said "An even happier birthday form some people far away who miss you and love you very much".  Thursday I received another bouquet!  this time 20 Iris!  The card said "Here are 70 flowers for your 70th birthday.  Happy birthday, You deserve it! Love" and it was signed by each of our 6 children!  What a fun adventure that was as it took place in our employment office for everyone to enjoy the mystery and the flowers.  They are now going in the big cooler at the Bishop's storehouse at night to make them last longer.  What a wonderful idea and great family.  I am so grateful for each of them.  Many other wishes and gifts and cards have come for which I am ever thankful.


  1. And a very happy birthday to you from Hungary and thats far away too.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve every single one of those flowers. I love you so much and am grateful you were born!