Saturday, December 19, 2009


these pictures are from our visit to Welfare Square. the pictures of the starving girl who is 8 years old are the before and only 6 months after she began taking a supplement that is made at Welfare Square. It is cooked up like a cereal and is called ATMIT. It is just basically powedered milk enriched, oatmeal flour and a little sugar and salt for taste. This product can save a childs life. It has saved thousands of children and only takes about $10.00 to do so. The product they were using in Africa was no longer available because they lost their goats to draught and they were using goat milk. They asked the wefare center if they could make something so BYU did the research and came up with the formula. You can save lives by donating your money to Humanitarian Services and even better, go on a humanitarian mission.--The cheese is made and trimmed and the trimmings go to the Cathoic church along with the lunch meat and bread for a huge sandwich program they have where they will give anyone who asks a sandwich there at the "Church of madeline" I think it is called. Anyway, the Church from Welfare Square works closelly with the Catholics to feed the poor on this project. Welfare square smells like fresh bread and they served us fresh bread and peanut butter and jam and cheese at the end of our instruction there. Yum.

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  1. the top picture is a picture of huge thousand pounds bales of clothing they recieve from the existing Deseret Industries and then they sort it and package them into smaller organized bundles to be sent all over the world.