Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 Tuesday was Sister Werb's last day as a Employment Service Missionary.  She has a passion  for helping the downtroden and compassion for them and can feel their pain.  She has made countless phone calls and advised people and been our luncheon expert as she has prepared over 40 lunches for the attendees of the Career Workshops.  She has tuaght us all so much.  After closing yesterday we had a little gathering and presented her with this beautiful little mirror with birds.  She loves the birds and animals and has a special connection with them. 

We will miss her in the Employment Center but she is still our star student in the music keyboarding class.  She practices 2 hours a day and has made amazing rapid progress.  You would never guess that she is 78 years old and still very energetic and busy creating and selling her greeting cards that are masterpieces. 

We wish her well in her coming new callings.

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