Tuesday, May 24, 2011

two weeks to go

Only two weeks to go.  LIfe is going to be different.  Thanks for visiting my blog. I am not through yet but would love to have comments so I know you are really there or else why am I doing this?
Our mission has been a choice experience to say the least.  We have see the hand of the Lord in all things and made countless new friends and fallen in love with the South. Our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ continue to grow and we are ever grateful for all the numerous blessings we recieve each day.


  1. I am here and visit your blog daily. Please come and see me when you can. We share a history and besides that I love you.

  2. We can't believe you are almost done! What an experience you've had! We couldn't be more proud. We love you both so much and admire all the quiet service you've done. You have changed so many lives for the good. We are excited to see you soon!!!!