Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding anniversary and musings

It has been a long time since I have blogged but I have decided to get back with it and record and share some good things from my life. Things that may help or inspire others. I hope at least that they help someone see the every day ordinary happy life of a Mormon Grandma and the family that surrounds me and my wonderful husband of 53 years. We just celebrated out 53rd wedding anniversary by spending a weekend with out youngest daughter and her family with four delightful children. The most outstanding thing about this family is that there is not much fighting. The kids really love each other and exhibit that. There is a lot of teasing going on though and a lot of good natured fun and hard work. Ball games, plays, picnics, gardening, raising 4-H lambs for the county fair and serving others. Serving in the church and teaching others of their testimonies of Christ. We even got to watch some great fireworks. We spent Sunday afternoon with four of our grown children and their families and some extended family for a party in our honor. We had a wonderful time and are so very blessed. Our son made a cupcake display with our wedding picture on the top like a cake topper. It was so cute.

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