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Consequences 1 Nephi 1:13

1 Nephi 1:13

Warning of Consequences

Lehi read that the Lord had seen the abominations of Jerusalem, that it would be destroyed by the sword and many carried away captive into Babylon.

Because of their wickedness they would be destroyed as Lehi had prophesied. That the wicked would perish.

2 Kings 24:19 Zedikia did evil
2 Chron. 36:14 All the chief priests transgressed very much...they polluted the house of the Lord- mocked the messengers of God and misused his prophets.
Jer. 13:27 adulteries, neighings, lewdness, whoredoms...abominations
Jerusalem-2 Kings 23;27. I will remove Judah also out of my sight and will cast off this city Jerusalem.
Carried away captive
2 Kings 20: 17-18 everything will be of Hezekiah carried into Babylon and even his sons.
Jer. 52:3-15 tells the destruction and was famine, city broken up and men fled, pursued overtaken, scattered, they slew Zedikiah's sons before his eyes and all the princes and then put Zedikiah's eyes out and carried him to prison, burned the Lord's house and all the houses. They left only a few poor people as vinedressers and husbandmen (farmers to raise the crops).

Babylon- In the Bible Dictionary- described-links as Devil,Church of..Israel, bondage of.. Worldliness.

Saw the abominations and bid it be destroyed. Evil destroys evil.

Sin destroys people. The greater the sins, the greater the destruction when people refuse to repent, they are destroyed spiritually and often in the same way as Jerusalem. They become prisoners to evil. Evil destroys evil! Misery begets misery. Thank God for repentance and the atonement for all who choose to repent.
We can shun evil and seek the good. We can also “warn our neighbors” or in other words, preach the gospel and live exemplary lives.
What evils are out there that can destroy us as individuals?

10/14 Richard G. Scott
Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority
Despite all of the negative challenges we have in our life, we must take time to actively exercise our faith. ...Through Adam and Eve's partaking of the forbidden fruit, knowledge of good and evil was introduced into the world. Their choice made it possible for each of us to come to this earth to be tried and tested. We are blessed with agency, which is our ability to make decisions and to become accountable for those decisions.

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