Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ann is just a doll. She came to church and I invited her to come into the center and gave her my card and asked her if she needed a job and that we would help her if she did. Sister Dustin and Sister Goodin have fellowsipped her so well. She arranaged for transportaion to come into the center on the day we were gone to the Mission conference but our Asso. manager, Marguerite, was aware she was coming and counseled her. That was on Thursday and on Saturday, she had her job. She is working in a deli part time and still looking for another part time job. she takes care of her mother too. she needs to move to a better living situation than she is in so that is her goal.

the missionaires are teaching her. she learned of the church in salt Lake City when she went there to stay with a daughter during the aftermath of Katrina. The members of the church paid her plane ticket and sent her home with 5 suitcases of things when she came back. She is such a cheerful, upbeat person. We asked her to come in and have her picture taken ringing our bell. She was so excited and dolled herself up so much for her picture that we didn't recognize her when she came in. She is so excited about being a "bell ringer" and being in our "Hall Of Fame". It is a blessing to know her.

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  1. This is just fantastic! I love this woman and I've never even met her. What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it with us!