Saturday, May 1, 2010

At the Gulfport Stake Center

Sister Dustin and Sister Goodin and I drove to Gulfport to announce our coming Career Workshop to the Ward RS Presidencies at the Stake Auxiliary Training meeting. they had such wonderful meeting and we enjoyed the great spirit there. We were dilighted to see the Magnolia trees that are just starting to bloom. the blossoms are so huge and georgeous. The white and yellow fragrant flowers are blooming everywhere on the roadsides and alos along the border around the church. There are also many Magnolia trees gracing the sides of the freeways. Louisiana and Mississippi seem to always have some flowers in bloom.

Yessterday, Jerry and I went to the center. 1 mile. It was 82 degrees outside and when we got out of our car our glasses totally fogged up! I think we will see a lot more of that. The "sauna" has only just begun. It doesn't really feel too bad though yet because there is a refreshing breeze. We are grateful for that.

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