Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This beautiful pond sits at the base of our apartment building. many of the apartments in this complex circle this little lake. It has a fountain, fish that can be caught by those who desire. Some of the the teen age boys love this. We saw a very long thin fish being reeled in and let go. It almost looked like an eel. there are NO alligators in this water. That is a relief. Maybe that is why the tiny frogs are so plentiful. They croak so loudly every night from dark until the wee hours of the morning you cant stand outside and talk in a normal tone and be heard. the crickets are in the trees and are even louder and they go from dark to dusk with a louder shrill intermittent song made by rubbing their legs together! Now I have also learned about the green tree frog and believe that the sound may be actually coming from them. Whichever it is that makes the noise, they are pretty much invisible to me. I hope to see them some day. There is no way we can sleep with our windows open any more. It is almost to hot now to do that anyway. Today, it was 88 degrees. It was one of those days that when you go in your air conditioned car and when you reach your destination you get out and your glasses are immediately comletely fogged in. We just get a kick out of the newness of it all. They say that they stop by July. We shall see or I should say HEAR about that.

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  1. your neighborhood looks so cute, and so is the green tree frog. My boys would love that.