Thursday, June 10, 2010

Career Workshop

Every time we teach a Career workshop we fall in love with the people.  We think it is the best ever.  This class was exceptional in many ways.  They were three great women who are well educated professionals and two great young men.  One great mother son combination.  They are the lady in black and the fellow in the plaid shirt.  they were all so loving and caring and the young men accepted all the great advice and teachings they were given.  they were tons of fun, great personalities.  They all are from New Orleans but the mother and son live in Slidell now.  the fellow in the white shirt is a recently returned missionary. 

Hurricane Katrina totally wiped them out and changed their lives but they are so resilient and are doing great.  This happy caring group of friends just melted my heart. What a privilege to work with them.  Antoinette, Selon, Rose, Melvin and Ronald,  we shall not forget you.  Good luck on your job searches.  We are looking forward to the days that you come and ring the bell in our center to celebrate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! You are doing great things!