Friday, June 4, 2010

Employment Missionary Conference

From Thursday Afternoon until noon on Friday of this week, fifteen missionaries and two Employment Professionals met at the "New Orleans Regional Employment Center" (in Slidell) for a wonderful conference.  Missionaries traveled from other centers in Mobile, Birmingham, Baton Rouge and Hattiesburg to receive expert instruction and inspiration from our two professionals, Brother Dohm and Sister Garcia.  They stayed in a very nice hotel and were treated royally.  They are the finest people you could ever meet and it was a joy to meet all of them and get a taste of what is happening in their areas. We went to dinner at a fine restaurant on Thursday evening and had wonderful treats at the center.  It was well planned and a joy to just sit back and watch it all happen. I loved meeting these missionaries whom we get to talk to on the phone and until now did not have faces for them.  What beautiful faces they are, glowing with the light that is within them.  We met two of them who have interesting connections.  One may be a distant cousin and another couple were in my brother's ward when he was their Bishop.  What a small and great world it is. 

Being an Employment missionary takes great courage and tenacity but is very rewarding work. These folks are the best!

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