Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stake Conference and Dinner Party

the Crepe Mrytle Trees are in bloom and are so beautiful.  there is always something blooming at our stake center.  April Azaleas, May Magnolias, June the Crepe Myrtle.  Add some gorgeous white flowering bushes to that mix in May.  I don't know their name but they look like Crepe Mrytle in a bush form.  Elder Matson gave a wonderful inspiring talk at the Saturday Evening Session on Provident living and Spirituality. 

Sunday was also special because three special ladies came with The Sr. sisters Dustin and Goodin.  they brought Ann and her mother Agnes and Patricia with them.  that was a special treat to see them there.  Elder Matson and I also enjoyed singing in the stake choir.  They recruited Elder Matson for his beautiful baritone voice but they got an alto with him and I enjoyed it as well.  It was a small group but big enough to sound good.

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  1. Inspiring. Thanks for posting, Mom. We're proud of you both.