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1 Nephi 1:16 the Book of Mormon Comprised of many parts

The Book of Mormon Comprised of many parts

1 Nephi 1 v 16

Nephi tells that he will not make a full account of all his father wrote. Lehi wrote many things of his visions and dreams and prophecies. And he also spake unto his children many speeches.

Lehi had already written these things. Writing on metal plates was not easy and took a lot of time to make the plates and then to engrave them. It would be wasting them to duplicate the information.

The Book of Mormon comprises of 15 main parts
1-The first 6 books ending with Omni

1 Nephi
2 Nephi
These are a translation of the small plates of Nephi

The Plates of Mormon
Connects the Words of Mormon, small plates with Mormon's abridgment of the large plates.

Translation of Mormon's abridgment of the Large Plates of Nephi
Mosiah-Mormon-the longest portion
3rd Nephi
4th Nephi
Mormon-from chapter 8 engraved by Moroni

Plates of Ether of the Jaredite record- Abridgment of Ether engraved and abridged by Moroni.
Plates of Brass.

Parts added by Moroni

Plates of Brass
Brought by the people of Lehi, Contains the 5 books of Moses. Many quotations from this book throughout the Book of Mormon.

Purpose of Book of Mormon is to testify of Christ. We do not have a full account of all Jesus did.

Try to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and the huge sacrifices and dedication by a great many people all directed by the Lord so that WE could have the gospel now and here in these latter days!

10/11 Callister “The Book of Mormon-A book from God.
An indispensable witness of Christ and His divinity

13 An Angel from On High
247 the Iron Rod

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