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1 Nephi 1:17---Keeping Journals and Family HIstory

1 Nephi 1:17----Keeping Journals and Family History

Nephi will make an abridgment of the record of his father, Lehi upon plates that he (Nephi) made. He then will make an account of his own life.

Lehi had written many things on plates. Nephi made a condensed version of his father's records so they would be preserved with is records on metal plates. This was for a wise purpose because when Joseph Smith began his translation of the Book of Lehi and had 116 pages done, then they were lost (taken stolen and altered) Nephi's record was the back up record because the Lord knew what would happen and inspired or commanded Nephi to abridge his father's record.

Recording on metal plates was done for histories. The plates of Brass (or plates of Laban).
Nephi kept two books.
The Lord commanded many to keep records.
Moses wrote on tables of stone.
Samuel wrote in a book 1 Samuel 10:25
Uzziah wrote 2 Chr. 26.22
Ezekiel 37:16
John 21:21

Jesus testified of His Father (Lehi of his father)
3 Ne. 27:26 All things are written by the Father; therefore out of the books which shall be written shall the world be judged. Joseph Smith was commanded to write while in the spirit.
D.& C. 76:80

We should record our spiritual experiences and major happenings and tender mercies in our lives by keeping journals and keep a record of our ancestors.

10/14 Allan F. Packer.
The Book
Family history includes the present as we create our own history It includes the future history through our descendants. (temple work)

211 O Holy Words of Truth and Love

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