Thursday, January 21, 2010

We went to New Orleans on Martin Luther King Day (Monday Jan. 18)
New Orleans is a fun place to visit. We took another set of missionaries who work in the Bps. storehouse. They are great people on their second mission, fran and Vince Earnhart. vince speaks 8 languages. He talks to everyone. He makes a chance to talk about the church to them. We took the town tour by way of the buggy ride and walked around the town and ate the wonderful foods and even had some famouse pralines. yum! the masks you see are all over and not too expensive though I did not buy one. We had Caijun fried chicken and jambalya and french doughnuts called beignets (benyays). they are square and loaded with powdered sugar. We watched them being made. It is amazing that anyone survived Katrina but they did and they are doing quite well. some other time I will get some pictures of the destruction that is still around.

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  1. How fun! SO glad you were able to have some fun and have such a great experience. Love ya!