Friday, January 29, 2010

Good things are happening

January 20, 10
Something really special happened today! Bill Crisler got a job at McDonalds as a maintenance man. Something Else special happened, He also got an apartment of his own. He will no longer have to live in a tiny tiny room with his sister who smokes. Wow! The Lord is blessing him so much! We are seeing him grow and also make friends with a very nice single lady in our ward. They both some into the center every day and are enjoying each other’s company. It would be so wonderful if they could find each other as eternal companions if not, then it is still great to have a friend when you are lonely. I hope this works out for them. That would be a day to really s out about.

Something else happened. We are going to have to work at. We have just been asked (but not announced yet) to be the office managers. This means that we will be the glue and not leave the office all day. Easier for me than Jerry. This is not what we thought we would be doing when we received the call but we knew it could be a possibility. It will bring not only responsibility but great satisfaction because we will be there to greet and meet the people who come in for help and we will be bonding with them and helping them find work and , for some of them, the gospel. Our prayer is that the spirit will always be strong there and people will feel it. We have had many people tell us that it is really strong and they can feel it powerfully when they enter the doors. Bp. Dohm, our manager tells us that it was not there before we came and that we bring it. It will be better when all the contention leaves in a couple of weeks. this will free up Bp. Dohm to do some of the much needed travel he should be doing but has not been able to do.

We have already seen a record number of baptisms in the month we have been here. Three people have already announced their baptisms. Ron and Carlos and his wife
from Honduras. We are taking Ron and his wife, Sharon, to dinner Saturday night to Jack's Fish House and you have already heard about it. Maybe I can get some pictures this time.


  1. P.S. The most baptisms any of the other couples have been in on has been 2 for their whole mission. the Lord has blessed us to get to see this happen. We can take no credit at all but are blessed to be where we can watch.
    We will be staying late ( reg. time is 5) most nights just to finish things up and give support to the Bp/manager plus we are there to open at 8:00 AM every morning M-F

  2. This made me cry! It's so amazing to me the power of prayer and the miracle of missionary work. I'm proud of you both and the people there are very blessed to have you. We sure miss you around here but feel the blessings coming our way because of your service. Thank you.

  3. Wow that is great! I had a feeling that things would turn around and by putting you in charge is good insurance that they will always be moving in a positive direction. I am sure that you will many more missionary experiences that lead to baptism. I love you both and thanks for all your good works.