Thursday, January 14, 2010


This guy made our day. He was baptized in August. Has poor health but has been seriously looking for a job and coming in daily. this morning someone gave us a lead for a tax realted job that we thought would be just right for him. Mike (aka Bp. Dohm) suggested that we look into it. It looked good but Bill didn't have any suit jacket or suits or ties or probably button shirts to wear and his hair was to his shoulders. It was recently cut from being almost waist lenght and he gave it to "locks of love". He just has a glow about him.

Jerry called the friends who run CCC (Community Christian Concern) and arranged for them to get him something to wear for his interview. We give them lots of cases of food and they give food and clothes to the needy. they screen them like we do too.

Bill went off to the CCC. After lunch he came back in with a huge smile and was wearing this suit, shirt and tie. His hair to his shoulders and a big fake diamond earring in his left ear. Mike took one look and said. OK,today is the day for the haircut. He called a sister in the ward and she was ready to cut hair so he took him there for them each to have a haircut. this lady gives free hairacuts to anyone who needs them and goes to the prison and rest homes to serve in that way.

He came back with an even bigger smile and had also taken out the earring at Mike's suggestion and was happy to do it.

He went off to the interview and called in just a little while to say that the position had already been filled but had a good talk with the guy in charge and left his name and application.

He is pumped and we are excited for him and the huge difference it has made in him. He said "wow, I have had so many blessings today that I just can't believe it. I feel like a million bucks!

some days are quiet and not much happening but today was popping all day. God knows and cares for every one of his children.

bill told me his story and a fantastic story of his son. that is for another time.

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