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Study the Book Of Mormon 1 Nephi 1:2

1 Nephi:2
Study the Scriptures
Nephi made the record in the language of his father which was from the Jews and Egyptians.

the plates of Laban were written in Egyptian. Lehi had been taught Egyptian therefore he could read them and teach them to his children. Nephi was also taught Egyptian. They were commanded to teah them. See Mos. 1:45

Mormon whrote in reformed Egyptian. He says that if the plates had been larger they could have written in Hebrew and it would have no imperfection.
Mormon 9:32-33
Mos. 1:2-4 Mosiah taught (caused that) his sons the language of his fathers (Egyptian and Jew) so they could read the brass plates of Laban and teach it.
Joseph Smith Jr. translated it into our language (in August 2013 it was in 109 languages)
Article of Faith #8

The records testify of Christ. They are brought about by hi direction that we can all learn of Him.

Note,that  the Book of Mormon is in English and many other languages so we can study it and learn and teach it to our children.
An immense amount of work has been done so that we can have the scriptures. It is vital to our spiritual welfare that we learn all we can from them. As of November 2013 the Book of Mormon was published in 109 languages and many are available on line. 86 are of the full book and 23 are selections of about one third of the book.
Since 1830 the Church has distributed over 160 million copies . Today (nov. 2013) the church prints over 3 million copies a year. Truly this important book and witness of Jesus Christ is beginning to cover the earth. From Afrikaans (pdf) to Zulu (pdr) It is in sign language on the Scripture website in text and audio in many languages and in braille in English and Spanish. This book is so important. Study it!

Conference 4/14 “The Witness” by Pres. Boyd K. Packer
Knowledge which is of eternal value comes only through personal prayer and pondering. These joined with fasting and scripture study will invite revelation.

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Children's Song Book # 86 The Golden Plates

#118 Book Of Mormon Stories

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