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following The Prophet, Repentance-1 Nephi 1:4

1 Nephi 1 Verse 4
Following the Prophet-Repentance

Lehi live in Jerusalem all his days. In the first year of the reign of Zedikiah many prophets came and preached repentance or the city would be destroyed.
1- Zedikiah , age 21 and uncle to Nebuchadnezzer king of Babyon, was was named king of Judah by King Nebuchadnezzer (King of Babylon) after he took Jerusalem, He Zedikiah, did evil as Johoakim had done- They worshiped idols and all the abominations of the heathen and mocked the prophets and burned the house of the Lord.

2-Prophets were sent to Jerusalem. Lehi was one of these prophets as was Jeremiah.

3-they must repent to repent as in BD denotes a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself and the world. A turning of the heart and will to God, to renounce sin. It is a commandment. D&C 9:22.

4-Jerusalem would be destroyed (must be destroyed)
2 Kings 18:17 (Isa. 36:2) Assyria sent great hosts against Jerusalem.
2 Kings 24:40 Nebuchadnezzar came up against Jerusalem.
2 Kings 25:10 Chaldees...brake down the walls of Jerusalem-all people carried away except the poor who were left to be the vinedressers and husbandmen (farmers to raise food) They took everything of monetary value away.

The people of Israel were apostate and rebellious and corrupt and they had forsaken the Lord. It had been a faithful city in the past and Isaiah calls it a “Harlot”.
Verse 25 of Isaiah 1 says “I will turn my hand upon thee and take away thy dross. And I (v.26) will restore judges...and thou shalt be called the city of righteousness.
It would become the city where Jesus would come and be presented to the Lord at the temple.

Other cities have been destroyed because of wickedness. Many cities were destroyed at the time of the crucifixion. Zarahemla, Moronihah, many sunk and burned.
D&C 84:94 Wo unto that city that rejects the Elders.
Isaiah 6:8-11 Told to preach until there is no one left.

Prophets are sent today to preach the truth. Many reject them.

Jesus was also a Jew and preached repentance.

Each person is like a city within themselves. Many things, problems, people and teachings going on in our lives.
We can follow the prophets today and be like them.
Num. 11:29 Moses said: would God that all the Lord's people were prophets.
BD In a general sense a prophet is anyone who has a testimony of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost.
Rev. 19:10 The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

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