Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feasting, One Line At A Time-


I have been studying the Book Of Mormon in detail one verse at a time. It takes me about an hour and a half each day and I love it.  By the time I am through with my research  on the verse for the day I feel like I am on fire, if you know what I mean. I follow an outline each day.  I write down all of it in longhand and in different colors of ink for each section.  It keeps me focused and gives time for the spirit to work upon my soul so that I can figure out what the message is for me in that verse on that particular day. I also realize that it may take the rest of my life to finish this work but however much I do will bless my life and I hope that you will let it bless yours.

I have realized that when it is finished, I have got an outline of references on the verse that would make a great plan for a family scripture study time or a Family Home Evening or a guide for private scripture study that you can personalize to your needs.

It is not so much a commentary of my opinions but a compilations of ideas and references from the scriptures, Conferences and Hymns and sometimes Church manuals. .  I have a section called Apply and that is how this scripture speaks to me personally and it would probably fit most anyone but would be a jump start for others to put their thoughts on how each verse can be applied personally.

I take full responsibility for the contents but as near as I know they are in total compliance with the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Scripture study is a very personal experience so it is hoped that anyone using this outline will add on it and double the information especially as it applies to them/ or you.  Since following my outline and reading it will not take a lot of time then I hope that you will take the time to expand upon what I have written in your own private notes.

I am not anyone with more authority than my membership in the Church which I treasure.  Having served in many callings in all the women's organizations and in two temples and a welfare mission, I have a firm testimony of the truthfulness and importance of the Book of Mormon and our other scriptures including the Bible.

Even the study outline is not my original idea but comes from our leaders.  I first discovered the beginnings of it in a book called "the Holy Secret" by James L. Ferril.  He got the idea, he says from Boyd K. Packer in a talk before he was an apostle so I have not found his quote but this is how it goes.

1- What, 2-Why- 3-Pattern (as stories and scripture references that apply or are parallel to the verse in study, 4-Christ (How does this verse point to Christ) 5-Apply (How does it apply to me?

Then from our General conference suggestions, I added two more
6-Quotes from Conference Talks, 7- Hymns That Apply. (I choose one or two).

My purpose in sharing this is to give to others a starting point to receive their/your own personal revelation as to what these scriptures can tell you by studying one verse at a time.

I started this study about 15 months ago.  I started with the Book of Moroni because that is where I was reading at the time.  I am now on 1 Nephi 8:15.  So it is not a fast process but it is very broad and I have delved into ancient and modern day revelations that apply to each verse.

I simply love it.
Stay tuned as I post my notes a verse at a time.  You will not learn anything from it or even like it if you do not pray before you study and open yourself to the spirit.  The Holy Ghost will testify to you all that you should know.  My  notes will only serve as a little pointer in the direction or one direction your study can take you.

You will see a sample below from a previous post.   I have been studying the scriptures for more years that I can say but since I was a Seminary student and through raising 6 children and all the activities that happen in an ordinary person's life like mine. When babies were little I would prop the book on their tummy while rocking them to sleep.  There is time to do this.  "It is more important that sleep" Well, granted we must get some sleep and food but we need the spiritual food and the rebuilding it gives our spirits is vital.

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