Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tuesday evening we drove to Hattiesburg to orient a brand new misisonary couple to the Employment center in their stake. It is about 100 miles from Slidell to Hattiesburg but it is a beautiful drive with tree lined highways all the way. Once we got to the area we began to see the first hills we have seen since we arrived on our mission. they have a lovely brick chapel and a very nice large center which was once a high councel room. While waiting for people to arrive, I wandered around and took some pictures of the surroundings. there were some beautiful sweet smelling hedges along the fron of the Church property. When i got close, I discovered that there were enourmous bees swarming them. They moved pretty fast and I really didn't want to stand their too long and aggravate them, but I did get a few pictures of them. I have never seen such big fat bees. They were over an inch long and so chubby looking. Typically southern.*U*

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