Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mississippi PIctures.

We really have been working hard at the center and seen quite a few people coming into the center for help. We are coaching them and giving them job leads and also calling leaders and updating their contact information and doing some coaching to help them in their callings in the 24 stakes that our center covers. We have also been visiting the wards in the surrounding area and will be able to visit a lot of them within a 50 mile radious now. We are enjoying meeting the people and working with the leaders. We keep the center open now from 8-5 week days with extended hours of 5-8PM on Wednesdays and 9-1 on Saturdays. We eat, drink and sleep the work. We are trying to know how we can help them best. Most of them are hungry and desperate and depressed when they come and leave with hope. We hope they find success too and anxiously await their return for help or to announce that they have found work.

As you can also see from the pictures, we are spending a part of our spare time seeing some of the things close by. That is totally permissable for Sr. missionaries. We want to make sure that our two Sr. Sisters have an enjoyable time as well. they are the first Sr. Sister Missionary couple in the church to be sent together on an "employment " Mission. I don't think they will be the last because they are doing a wonderful work already and they are learning fast and getting along marvelously.


  1. sounds like thing are going extremely well. I really enjoy the pictures. It brings a new vision of the area with each photo. I had never pictured Texas longhorns as part of LA.

    We love you and wish you the best. I am trying to help out our ward employment specialist. we have 12 members looking for work.

  2. those look just like our oldmantle haha. I am glad you have some time for fun in the the middle of all the work. It makes me a little jealous.