Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bell Ringer

today was a very exciting and rewarding day. Early this morning our friend, Rosha called and said that he got a job. He has been working so hard at it and it has been a couple of months but before that he has been turned down about 30 times. No one wanted to give an ex-con a chance to rebuild his life. He is a quiet, appreciative gentleman who desperately wants to work at anything anyone will give him but he has some great skills and much to offer. We told his friend, Freddie, that if he would bring him in that we would take them to lunch. It is a 40 minute drive and they came right away. When Rosha came in he said calmly, holding back his excitement, "Where is the bell?". We have moved it into our hall which is now the "hall of fame" where it is displayed on a table with pictures of past Bell Ringers on the wall. A Bell Ringer is a person who comes in to report that they got a job!!!. It is our way of helping them celebrate the victory!. I then, take their picture and it goes on the wall. He asked for a copy of the picture. We have praying for this blessing to come to him and he has been praying too. We took him and Freddie to lunch in a nice place called Camillias and they were so appreciative and each said a silent prayer before eating. We are grateful to be a part of this. His job is with a big chicken processor who will give benefits and everything after the customary 90 day probation period. He found the job through a close friend of his neice! The job was not advertized at all. It is who you know. It is calling people and it is what try to get people to have the courage to do. 70-80 percent of all jobs are found by calling people you know and getting references. We call it networking but only 15 % of the people will do it.. It works.


  1. That is great. I believe that it is situations like that that are the most fun to celebrate. It make me feel like our country will be okay if we have more people like Rosha who truly want to work and support themselves. Congratulations!