Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ocean Springs

We visited in Ocean Springs ward and did some training. they are in good hands. Ocean springs got Katrina bad because they are right on the gulf coast. We drove down the coast today on the way home and it looked like a little snow drifting and we even see where they were plowing it off of the road. It was a little windy today but not really hard. The sand is so white. The trees are in bloom and gorgeious.

The old huge trees that span the roads are so huge. I wonder how old they really are. I am guessing that the root systems are atleast as large and deep as the tree is tall and wide. They are massive and withstood Katrina fine. that was 180 mile an hour winds and then all the water rushing in as well.


  1. What an amazing city! Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the first two especially.

  2. Great to see how you 2 are doing! We can see that you are enjoying your mission! Spring has not quite reached Hungary yet!