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Teach of Christ- 1 Nephi 1 :22

1 Nephi 19:22
Teach of Christ
 22 Now it came to pass that I, Nephi, did teach my brethren these things; and it came to pass that I did read many things to them, which were engraven upon the aplates of brass, that they might know concerning the doings of the Lord in other lands, among people of old.

Nephi read the scriptures to the people and he taught them.

so they would know the doings of the Lord in other lands and among the people of old.
In other wards so they would know about the Lord and the history of their people and how the Lord blessed them. So they would benefit from the testimonies and experiences of the past.

the Lord showed the Bible to Nephi
1 Ne. 13:23
23  And he said: Behold it proceedeth out of the mouth of a Jew. And I, Nephi, beheld it; and he said unto me: The book that thou beholdest is a record of theJews, which contains the covenants of the Lord, which he hath made unto the house of Israel; and it also containeth many of the prophecies of the holy prophets; and it is a record like unto the engravings which are upon the plates of brass, save there are not so many; nevertheless, they contain the covenants of the Lord, which he hath made unto the house of Israel; wherefore, they are of great worth unto the Gentiles.
Nephi taught the people about the Lord Jesus Christ and what he had done for the people in ancient times. (Old Testament times)

10/16 K. Brett Nattress
No Greater Joy Than to Know That They Know

 don’t know if anything in this world could bring more happiness and joy than to know that our children know the Savior.
Brothers and sisters, I have recently been pondering this question: “If all that your children knew of the gospel came from you—as their only source—how much would they know?” This question applies to all those who love, mentor, and influence children.
Is there any greater gift that we can impart to our children than a memory burned deep into their hearts that we know that our Redeemer lives? Do they know that we know? And more important, have they come to know for themselves that He lives?
I am grateful for angels throughout the Church who boldly and lovingly proclaim eternal truth to Heavenly Father’s children.
I am grateful for the gift of the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true! It contains the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am unaware of anyone who is diligently reading the Book of Mormon each day with pure intent and with faith in Christ who has lost their testimony and fallen away. Moroni’s prophetic promise carries with it the key to know the truth of all things—including having the ability to discern and avoid the deceptions of the adversary. (See Moroni 10:4–5.)
I don’t know if anything in this world could bring more happiness and joy than to know that our children know the Savior, to know that they know “to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.” That is why, as members of the Church, “we preach of Christ” and we testify of Christ (2 Nephi 25:26).
  • That is why we pray with our children every day.
  • That is why we read the scriptures with them every day.
  • That is why we teach them to serve others, so that they can hold claim upon the blessings of finding themselves as they lose themselves in the service of others (see Mark 8:35Mosiah 2:17).
As we devote ourselves to these simple patterns of discipleship, we empower our children with the love of the Savior and with divine direction and protection as they face the fierce winds of the adversary.
...I testify that we have a loving Heavenly Father, who knows us by name! I testify that Jesus Christ is the living Son of the living God. He is the Only Begotten and our Advocate with the Father. I further testify that salvation comes in and through His name—and in no other way.
It is my prayer that we will devote our hearts and our hands to helping all of Heavenly Father’s children to know Him and to feel His love. As we do, He promises us eternal joy and happiness in this world and in the world to come. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

the first thing we need to do is become good disciples ourselves by prayer and study and keeping the commandments. Then we need to reach out to others. Beginning with our own families and teach them diligently. As leaders and teachers in the church we must take our callings seriously as though we are the only ones teaching them. If each parent and leader does that then we can teach them thoroughly so they don't misunderstand.
281-Help Me Teach With Inspiration-
D&C 43  15 Again I say, hearken ye elders of my achurch, whom I have appointed: Ye are not sent forth to be btaught, but to cteach the children of men the things which I have put into your hands by the power of my dSpirit;
 16 And ye are to be ataught from on high. bSanctify yourselves and ye shall be cendowed with power, that ye may give even as I have spoken.

177 Teach Me To Walk In The Light

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