Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Declare the Word

1 Nephi 20:15
Declare the word.
 15 Also, saith the Lord; I the Lord, yea, I have spoken; yea, I have called ahim  [Israel]to declare, I have brought him, and he shall make his way prosperous. [God will help him].

Could also mean that Heavenly Father called Christ to prophesy; also that Christ called Isaiah to prophesy (from Isaiah made Easier by David J. Ridges)

Israelites were the chosen baptized but were not living the gospel. They were called to repent and to declare or to do missionary work. The Lord will bless and help those who do.

Isa. 45:1 (1–4)
1  Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subduenations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut;
2  I will go before thee, and make the 
crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:
3  And I will give thee the 
treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy nameam the God of Israel.
4  For Jacob my 
servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

Could also mean that Heavenly Father called Christ to prophesy; also that Christ called Isaiah to prophesy (from Isaiah made Easier by David J. Ridges)

10/13 Randy D. Funk 70
Called to Declare His Word
If you are humble and obedient and hearken to the voice of the Spirit, you will find great happiness in your service as a missionary.

When the gospel was first preached in England in July 1837, the Lord revealed,“Whosoever ye shall send in my name, by the voice of your brethren, the Twelve, duly recommended and authorized by you, shall have power to open the door of my kingdom unto any nation whithersoever ye shall send them.”4
...The Lord’s promises are clear. In order to have the spiritual power necessary to open the door of the kingdom of God in the nation to which you are sent, you must be humble and obedient and have the ability to hear and follow the Spirit.
These three attributes are closely interrelated. If you are humble, you will want to be obedient. If you are obedient, you will feel the Spirit. The Spirit is essential, for, as President Ezra Taft Benson taught, “Without the Spirit, you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability.”7
...Others may feel they have limited talents, abilities, or experience to offer. If you have such concerns, remember the experience of Elder Pokhrel. Prepare as well as you can, and know that our Heavenly Father will magnify your humble and obedient efforts. Elder Richard G. Scott offered this encouraging counsel:When we obey the commandments of the Lord and serve His children unselfishly, the natural consequence is power from God—power to do more than we can do by ourselves. Our insights, our talents, our abilities are expanded because we receive strength and power from the Lord.”15

The Lord does bless His missionaries and those who serve Him. It is all His work and we do not do it alone. He is there to help us every step of the way if we seek Him and live worthily.

Called to Serve


I Hope They Call Me On A Mission 

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